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Once the necessary forms and applications are completed, keep things flowing smoothly by timely processing reimbursements. As new business owners join the program, they are likely to share positive comments with other business leaders in the community. Develop a clear understanding with the new partner about the billing procedure, frequency of reimbursements and how the match will be paid. Maintain accountability with employers by sending reports to employers on periodic basis (as agreed upon). At the state level, follow reimbursement procedures with the specific funding codes for children being served by the CCEP.

Occasionally, businesses or corporations with employees throughout the state will participate in the program but do not want to establish separate contracts with each school readiness coalition due to the complexity in administration. In such cases, the Forum will negotiate one contract for the business and administer it from the state office.

Whenever such negotiation takes place, the Florida Children's Forum will work with local school readiness coalitions and agencies to develop procedures and provide ongoing communications to all parties involved.

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