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CCEP Ambassador Tool Kit

Attract businesses to the CCEP program by making it easy for business owners to participate and manage. Customize and use these user friendly materials to help screen, track and manage the CCEP program and processes.

By creating an easy-to-use and an easy-to-understand management system, you will more effectively manage and maximize CCEP dollars. Keep these forms on hand to communicate with CCEP partners and families.

  • Temp.xls
  • Authorized_Representative_Form.doc
  • Bus_participant_change.doc
  • Employee_Appointment_Letter.doc
  • Employee_Checklist.doc
  • Employee_Prescreening_Form.doc
  • Flyer_to_attract_employees.doc
  • Missed_Appointment_Notice_Letter.doc
  • New_Participant_Letter.doc
  • Notice_of_Late_Payment.doc
  • Sample_CCEP.xls
  • Slot_Increase_Request_Form.doc
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